Civil engineering/construction work

Tower crane construction

We construct, operate and dismantle tower cranes, jib cranes and climbing cranes, which are essential for construction of high-rise buildings and huge projects.

Tower crane assembly and dismantling

We support everything from planning to design and technical assistance, and provide assembly, dismantling, and operation services for tower cranes and other types of cranes.

Our Works


Adding masts (columns supporting a crane) as the building progresses

Mast climbing method

Maeda Corporation, Tokyo Building Works Branch

Seven units of our mainstay 25t lifting tower crane JCC-V600S were used for the construction of City Towers Tokyo Bay, a 33-storey condominium tower approximately 120 m high above ground.
It was a spectacular sight to see 7 tower cranes lined up all at once.


Relocating tower crane bases to upper floors as the building progresses

Floor climbing construction method

Taisei Corporation, Tokyo Branch

Four units of 27t lifting tower crane JCC-TS750S and two other cranes were used for the construction of Toyosu Bayside Cross Tower, a 36-storey skyscraper over 170 m high above ground.
Construction of a separate building later began, with a total of 16 tower cranes in operation.

Companies available for construction

Please see the websites of the respective companies for details of the projects and methods.


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