Civil engineering/construction work

Reinforced earth methods

There are construction methods for reinforcing and strengthening embankments, cut slopes and ground/soil to ensure the stability of civil engineering structures. There are several ways of reinforcing and strengthening soil, including reinforced earth methods in which high tensile members are inserted into the soil for reinforcement.

Terre Armée method

The Terre Armée method, a construction method developed in France in 1963, uses steel to reinforce soil and construct vertical embankments. The prefabricated construction method using standardized components can reduce the construction period without requiring special techniques and offer a quieter construction environment.

TECH SPAN method

The TECH SPAN method is a precast construction method that constructs concrete members into a three-hinged arch shape, replacing bridges and cast-in-place culverts. This method is used to replace bridges and to extend tunnels, and applied to a variety of scenes.

M1 wall

The M1 Wall is a large panel-assembled block. Since it is a panel-assembled block, the length of braces and the wall slope can be freely chosen, allowing an economical design suitable for the site conditions. We have obtained texture and brightness certificates consistent with the Basic Policy for Disaster Recovery to Protect Beautiful Mountains and Rivers, and this product can be used also for river disaster response.

Our Works


Iwate, Akasaki Junior High School Relocation/Renovation Site Preparation Project

Site preparation Terre Armée/Retaining walls certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ofunato City Hall, Lifelong Learning Section
Akasaki Junior High School

Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, which was severely affected by the tsunami following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Hirose's Terre Armée, highly regarded for its seismic performance and durability, was used for the retaining wall of the ground of Akasaki Municipal Junior High School, which moved upland in April 2017.


Terre Armée retaining wall in harmony with the building

Site preparation Terre Armée/Retaining walls certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

In the reconstruction of public housing, the color and design of the Terre Armée are planned to be in harmony with the building, and a separate design is used for the capstone concrete. The Terre Armée blends in with the surrounding streets and buildings to create a serene atmosphere.

Companies available for construction

Please see the websites of the respective companies for details of the projects and methods.


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