Design of reinforced earth methods

Reinforced earth methods are methods for reinforcing and strengthening embankments, cut slopes, and ground/soil to ensure the stability of civil engineering structures. Hirose Hokyodo contributes to the construction of social infrastructure through the development, design proposals and construction of retaining wall products and arch culverts, including reinforced soil wall methods. We propose the optimal construction method in consideration of the harmony with the surrounding environment, the geology and the topography.

Analysis work

We conduct calculation of deformations in the construction phase of reinforced soil walls, verification of members, and analysis and simulation of residual deformations during earthquakes, etc. The solutions we offer are based on our research results and expertise in the field of reinforced soil walls, and are able to predict the deformation of reinforced soil walls with high accuracy.

BIM/CIM work

By introducing 3D models into the design, construction, renewal, and maintenance process, we ensure safety and quality, improved work efficiency, and cost reduction. This enables the visualization of data images and structural components, and the refinement and enhancement of completion data.

Our Works


Circular slip measures for Terre Armée (using EPS)

Terre Armée method

Ishikari River Development and Construction Department, Ikushunbetsu Dam Office

A temporary Terre Armée was used to secure a work yard for heavy machines. The site is located on a slope and the water level rises during winter, so there was a problem of the circular slip stability. By placing EPS on the back of the Terre Armée to reduce the weight, we solved the problem of the circular sliding stability.


EP Root Pile® construction method as measures for the ground below the reinforced soil wall

Terre Armée method, EP Root Pile® method

The EP Root Pile® construction method was used for measures for the ground below the reinforced soil wall. In the design phase, a gravity foundation was used, but when the natural ground was excavated, the talus was thick and the substrate was deep, so a reinforced soil wall (Terre Armée method) was constructed on top of the EP Root Pile® compression reinforcement and improved ground.

Companies available for construction

Please see the websites of the respective companies for details of the projects and methods.


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