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Pipeline rehabilitation work

Aged pipelines that have outlived their useful life are at risk of various problems. As a countermeasure, the use of the "laying replacement method," where old pipes are replaced with new ones, is becoming less common due to traffic congestion, noise generation and high costs, and the "rehabilitation method," where existing pipelines are exploited and "improved," is now the mainstream method.

SPR method

A pipe making machine is brought into the pipeline from a manhole and assembled there, and a rehabilitation pipe using a rigid PVC profile is constructed inside of the pipe. This is a construction method that incorporates a rehabilitation pipe into an existing pipe by injecting backfill.

Omega Liner method

The Omega Liner method is rehabilitation work to renew an existing pipe, where a folded shape-memory PVC pipe is inserted into an aged small-diameter concrete or steel pipe, which is then heated by steam to restore its circular shape and cohere to the existing pipe.

Our Works

Nippon No-Dig Technology LTD.

Extra-large diameter pipe aseismic reinforcement project

SPR method (free section)

Sagamihara City

In order to improve the earthquake resistance of an existing pipe with a large cross-section when there would be no remaining load capacity, advance extensive reinforcement work was performed and then pipe rehabilitation was completed to make it an earthquake resistant composite pipe in this project.
Existing: Height 3,900, Width 3,900
Rehabilitation: Height3,350, Width 3,400 mm
Length: 140 m

Nippon No-Dig Technology LTD.

Construction in narrow areas using the Omega Liner method

Omega Liner method

Kyoto City

In line with the specifications for a 2m road, the equipment was successfully reduced in size while maintaining its capacity, enabling construction in narrow areas. We provide construction tailored to site conditions.
Pipe diameter: 200 to 380 mm
Construction extension: 63 spans

Companies available for construction

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  • Nippon No-Dig Technology LTD.

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