Business & Work
of Hirose Group

We continue to support a prosperous society
through high-quality, reliable technology
and on-site capabilities developed over decades.

The Hirose Group is a group of companies that support the building, maintenance, and life extension of infrastructure, mainly in the civil engineering and construction business. We are mainly responsible for underground work in general, including tower crane installation, pipeline rehabilitation and post-disaster recovery work. We offer a wide range of products, such as heavy temporary materials and temporary bridge materials, which we mainly lease or sell according to the needs at a construction site.

Civil engineering/construction work

Role of work in civil engineering
and construction business

The construction industry plays a part in the local economy through construction, repair, and maintenance of social capital. In addition, the industry strives to respond to disaster prevention and disaster emergency measures and to support post-disaster recovery, with a mission to protect people's lives and safety. The Hirose Group supports building of social infrastructure in a wide range of business areas, particularly in the civil engineering and construction business.